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Entertaining the POW's

On May 21, 1998 I had an experience of a lifetime. A friend of mine was contacted by Ross Perot and asked if a few Powered Parachutes could fly over his ranch for an event that was scheduled. The answer was a resounding yes and a call went out to a few of us to go along. It turned out that the event was a dinner to be held at the Circle T ranch owned by the Perot's for the 25th reunion of the Vietnam War Prisoners of War.

We were to fly over the buses full of POWs and their families as they entered the ranch. We weren't the only special welcome the Veterans were to receive. Some of the highlights of the event were:

  • A full police motorcycle escort form their hotels to the ranch
  • Flag lined entrance the full length of the entrance
  • Buffaloes in one field bordering the entrance
  • Real cowboys on horseback running up and down the entrance road waving their hats and waving to the guests
  • A country western band
  • An aerobatics demonstration choreographed with music and fireworks
  • Armadillo races
  • A full spread real down home Bar-B-Que meal for all
  • Buckboard tours of the ranch for the guests
  • Pictures on top of: Horses, Bulls, and even a huge Jack-olope
  • And, oh yeah, three very proud PPC pilots flying over the busses.

Our host even took an introductory lesson from one of the pilots. I've included some pictures of the experience for you to see.



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