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For the benefit of those who have a copy or have read "The House Of Pinnell," I being the youngest of the union of Lunsford Lane Pinnell and Vina (Skaggs) Pinnell will try to fill in some of theLunsford Lane Pinnell Pinnell history since the year 1912.

It will be my endeavor to put on record some of the happenings as I remember them. These may or may not be in sequence but they will be facts.

Some of what I may say may have been told to me, others are facts that I remember and happened to me.

As is stated in the history, I was born in Buckner, Jackson Co., Mo., on Jan. 18, 1903.

Some of my brothers told me later that Mother had pancakes for breakfast and then had me for supper.

At the age of our Mother at the time of my birth, I just barely made it. And then too, the Missouri River Flood of that year, also spared me.

From there, I am told that when I was one year old and living in Newtonia, BuggyNewton Co., Mo., I was run over by a horse drawn buggy. That was the mode of transportation our father used in those days to travel to his different churches.

It hasn't been too many years ago that I, along with brothers Hal, George, Ira and our brothers in law, Bill Wallace (who joined the family some years before this trip) visited the church at Newtonia where our father preaches. Those who remembered the church said that the huge tall backed chairs in the pulpit were the same ones that were there at the time our father was pastor there.

And now as I was growing older, I recall several of the town where we lived and Dad preached.

Especially, I remember the town of Arrow Rock, Salina Co., Mo. The town now is mostly a NationalSanta Fe Trail Park on the Missouri River. Just a couple of years ago, We, along with JoAnne, Steven and Stanley spent several hours in the town. We had Sunday dinner at the "Old Inn" which I remember well. This town is well known Nationally as being a stop for many traveling the Old Santa Fe Trail. I well remember while living there, we all, living at home at that time traveled to Blackwater in a "Surrey with the fringe on the top." I well remember the "old Muddy".


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