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The Last Addition

Page three

It is interesting to know that in 1870, only 2% of girls went to high school, of seventeen year olds, but by 1970 this rose to 78%. It is interesting to know (or is it a disgrace) that many college graduates can not write legible hand, work fractions, are very poor readers.

Recently, a news story came out about three women teachers, one black and two whites, were teaching their students "reading" on their own time, because if the did so during regular hours, the Government would stop their grants. Yet in order to see that the schools are integrated, they will bus one pupil many miles when there is a school within blocks of his home.

Now that I am about to bring this to a close, I must say something about "Lib", [Women's Liberation] I, in my infinite wisdom always thought that a "Lady" liked to be called Miss, Misses, or Mrs. and be proud of the designation to show their stature of who they are. But, now many women insist on being addressed as Ms. An employer can not require a female to say whether they are Miss, or Mrs., or even whether they are female or male, and believe me sometimes it is hard to distinguish what they are. Give them equal time, position and pay but, for God's sake let them show the world that they are female, married or single and proud that they are what God makes them.

To me, it seems that I still like to hold doors open for them and help them over rough spots, not because I am more able to do so but because I have always thought they deserved special attention and treatment.

I am now going to close this with a memory I have always had for the last teacher I had my last two years in school in the seventh and eighth grades. I still remember her name, which is more than I can do for someone I might [have] met yesterday, it was Miss Alma Seidnor, she was an ugly Old Maid, but I owe her many thanks for what I learned from her, it helped a lot for the time I went to business college.

And now I hope that all who receive copies of this "Last Addition", will keep them with the other copies and pass them on for future generations.

It is my prayer that these papers have been interesting enough that they will live to be a cornerstone to both myself and my dear wife.

Lester Lee Pinnell
Lester Lee Pinnell,
Feb. 19, 1977

As an after thought, in my 42 years working with the Post Office Department, I worked under seven Presidents to wit; Coolidge, Hoover, F.D. Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson. I am mighty proud of that record, and I also worked for five Postmasters.

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