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Entertaining the POW's

That evening, after the fireworks and aerobatics demonstration (which we barely got out of the way of) the guests settled in.  There were three country western bands, a giant Jack-a-lope with a photographer to take pictures of all.  We were invited to have dinner as well, and after we put the PPC's out of harms way, went through the chow line and sat down at a nearby table.  The people in the picture below just happened to be at our table.  We had a grand time talking about all sorts of things.  Mike volunteered to give a ride to any and all if they cared to come back.  I didn't really get to know these folks well, but I was able to look up some of them on the web.   The next page goes in to some of that.

powmeal.jpg (24518 bytes)

Here are some other pictures from the event, see them at the Three's In web page.

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