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Permission to use land and hold blameless agreement

We the undersigned do willfully and without reservation enter the following agreement concerning the use of private land as an operating field for specific ultralight aircraft.

After signatures are affixed hereon. The first party (the landowner) agrees to allow the second party (the pilot) to use his/her land for the purpose of taking off and landing with a ____________________________ model ultralight aircraft.

Said permission is granted only on specific days or times or by prior appointment as specified by the landowner and is subject to be revised at any time. Furthermore, said permission can be revoked at any time by the landowner without cause or notice.

In return for said permission. The pilot agrees to accept total responsibility for any damage to the landowner's property. Also, the pilot agrees to hold the landowner blameless for any damage to the aircraft or personal injury to the pilot or bystanders, which may result from the use of the aircraft to and from said land. The pilot recognizes that in all flight, there is an inherent amount of risk, and accepts that risk and agrees to hold the landowner blameless for any mishap which may occur as a result of any holes, rocks, hills, trees, fences or other irregularity in the land, defects in the aircraft, pilot error or act of god.

As such the pilot forfeits his/her right and the rights of his/her family to file suit against the landowner or his/her family, seeking punitive or other damages as a result of a mishap with the subject aircraft while operating from the landowner's property.


Land location


Special terms








Signed by all parties on this_______________day of _________________________ in the year________________

at ____________________________________________