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The Last Addition

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The one locally has a Dr. Cole listed on their advertising as being a member of the outfit. This Dr. Cole happens to be pastor of the church where Mary Kay's husband is Associate [Minister]. I do notAimee Semple McPherson imply that Dr. Cole is doing anything unethical, he is just being duped. These schemers have to do this so that they don't have to pay taxes on the huge amounts they steal from the old.

And it was under protestation, that Dwight L. Moody who pioneered in camp and tent meetings. These were big things even in my early days. Billy Sunday was a ball player turned preacher.

I can not see why the "History of America" would take the space to mention Aimee Semple McPherson Billy Graham Portraitwho preached to huge audiences in temples in California and was also on radio. Then out of the blue, she disappeared and was finally found in a California desert living in sin. She died later in disgrace.

Then there is Billy Graham, a dynamic speaker and a showman who has not denied that he bought a license to preach although he has been accused of it.

Other observations I have learned about, from reading "The Story of America";- It might becoke.gif (3153 bytes) interesting to many that the book tells about the origin of the apple pie, carbonated water and it's uses, Coca Cola invention in 1886. Doughnuts and how they got the name. Someone discovered that the doughnut would not be done in the middle, this person s[t]uck his finger in the middle and made a hole and then found out that the doughnut would be done in the middle, and that is why there is a hole in the middle of the doughnut and then in later years they decided to fry the hole and now one can buy the hole of a doughnut. And Graham crackers were invented by a man by the name of Graham.

Hamburgers were first sold at the St. Louis Worlds Fair in 1906. They did not catch on until the 1920's when the "White Castle" shacks featured them. They were served through a window at the cost of six for a quarter. They don't say where they started but I am sure it was in Kansas City. There were several in [Kansas City] and it was quite a treat to buy them and eat them out in the open. Their goodness has never been duplicated.

And "Hot Dogs" got their name because the resembled a "Dachshund", and introduced in America by a man from Frankfort, Germany.

Ice cream cones were derived from a Persian pastry. I can well remember my first ice cream cone. It was at a fair in our town and they were being made on the spot by rolling a hot iron in the shape of the long cone over the pastry. That held them together but they wouldn't stop the ice cream from coming through the bottom.

"Ice Cream Soda" was founded at a fair in Philadelphia when a concessionaire ran out of sweet cream in the drinks and he substituted ice cream in the drinks and they were a huge success. They were banned in some places on Sunday and that is where it got the name "Sunday Soda", then someone changed the name to "Sundae". I shall never forget the times I would take a girl friend to the drug store for a soda or a sundae. I even used to make them in a drug store along with malted milks. Those were the days.

oldlogo.gif (21224 bytes) Jello, not much to say about that only that it was invented [in] 1845. It doesn't say fi it was and still is made out of horses hooves or not. Peanut butter was developed in 1890.

Pop corn introduced in 1630. I guess every one knows that it was discovered when, corn in a field got so hot from the sun, it started to "Pop".

Potato chips were born in the 19th Century when a customer complained that his fried potatoes were too thick.

Education as it is known today;- It seems that back in 1642, females were not destined to get an education. Toddlers, especially girls were taught at a "Dame School" or at home and that was the only education girls got.


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